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Carnegie Hall

In March 2014 Joe & Mike Garry took part in the Tibet House US Annual Fundraiser at Carnegie Hall in New York. Taking the stage alongside the likes of Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and her band and The National they performed a one-off version of 'St Anthony' - an ode to Anthony H Wilson - accompanied by members of New Order, composer Philip Glass & Scorchio Quartet.

In 2017 Joe returned to New York for the 30th Anniversary concert writing new string arrangements for New Order's set which included a one-off performance with Iggy Pop of Joy Division's ‘She's Lost Control’. 


"The evening then arrived to the concert "headliners,” if that's an appropriate term for a benefit. Bernard Sumner, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman of New Order brought on stage Manchester poet Mike Garry and composer Joe Duddell for a special performance of Garry's poem "St. Anthony" set to New Order's “Your Silent Face." Making it even more special is who the

poem had been written in honour of - Factory Records’ owner Tony Wilson. Wilson of course, discovered them all when they were Joy Division."

- Village Voice 2014

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